María Burgaz | How Many Times

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How Many Times



Acrylic, Collage on Wood

in stock


Many times we visit places over and over again and we always discover something, there is always something new. The mythical clock in New York’s Grand Central would be a fabulous storyteller, so many people pass by every day, no day is the same. The shop windows, the mannequins tell stories that change from time to time, we see them again and they are no longer there, like plants, they are never the same. As much as we walk through the cities, Paris, New York… they always change. This work is finished with epoxy resin in the shape of an explosion, arranged irregularly and creating a sensation of brightness and irregular relief that gives more movement to the bustle of the city. The white frame is also hand-painted, its irregularities finished in glossy enamel. With the frame the work measures 53 x 156 cm.

Additional information
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 147 cm