María Burgaz | Curriculum
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María Burgaz, 1970, studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and since then has shown her work in galleries and art centers in Spain and around the world. He has also won numerous awards recognizing his talent and career. His work is in many art collections, both public and private throughout the world.

Always open to new projects, she collaborates with book publishers, fashion designers, and is always willing to take art to unusual spaces.


1988 – Entry in the Fine Arts University, Madrid.

1990  Drawing and Painting Degree,  F.I.T.,  New York.

1992 – Painting atelier by C. Cardenal, Mallorca.

1993 – Graduated in Fine Arts in painting speciality. 

1998  Autoedition course ,  Promotors Association of Madrid.

2000 Graphic Design Course, Workers Confederation of Madrid.

           Design, Implantation and Maintenance of web, sites, M.S.L. Software S.L, Madrid.

2020 – What is contemporary art? Online Certificate by Coursera, MOMA Museum.

last individual exhibitions

– “Arte viajero”, mecenazgo Tarín, Madrid, 2023.

– “Arte 10”, Salón Díez, Madrid, 2023.

– “Art and the city”, La Otra Art & food, Madrid, 2021.

– ”Alegría”, Arts2be Gallery, Wavre, Belgium, 2018.

– “Memoria inventada”, Cafebrería Ad Hoc, Pozuelo de Alarcón, 2018.

– “Arte en la radio”, Capital Radio, Madrid, 2017.

– Arte y parte”, Enquadres Gallery, Valladolid, 2017.

– Exhibitions Centre “Las Tablas”, Madrid, 2016.

– Microtheatres, Madrid, 2015.

– Commenoz Gallery, Miami, 2014, 2011.

– Neel Gallery, Cannes, 2010.

– Nave del Arte Gallery, Madrid 2008, 2009, 2010.

– “Calor y color”, Murnau Art Gallery, Sevilla, 2008.

– Toranto Gallery, Barcelona, 2006.

– JVG espacio, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

– Sala Enquadres, Valladolid, 2005.

– 1arte Gallery, Madrid, 2004.

– Municipal Expositions Hall Antonio Machado, Leganés, 2001.

– Singisenforum Salle Muri, Switzerland, 2000.

– Estudio Fuentes Gallery, Madrid, 1999.

– Atrium Kunstkamer Gallery, Mastricht (Holland), 1999.

last collective shows

– Singulart artists, Stuttgart, 2023.

– “With fashion”, Smile Showroom, Madrid, 2021.

– “Arte en femenino”, Boboko Art & Culture, 2021.

– “Mi casa”, galería Alvaro Alcázar, 2020.

Fomentarte art Gallery, Zapadores Art City, 2019-2020.

Winter Special, Arts2be Gallery, Wavre, Bélgica, 2019-2020.

Summer Show, Arts2be Gallery, Wavre, Bélgium, 2019.

– Artupdeco, Lyon, Paris, 2017,2019.

– Colection City Hall of Pinto, Casa de la Cadena, 2019.

– “Para Arte pulse Enter”, Cafebrería ad Hoc, Pozuelo de Alarcón, 2018.

– “Summer Colective Exhibition”, arts2be Gallery, Wavre, Belgium, 2018.

– Factoría de Babel Gallery, Madrid, 2015-2019.

– Carré d ́artistes,  Lyon, Paris, Lille, Colonia, London, Sao Paulo.2005- 2016.

– “Cities”, Adolfo Domínguez Foundation , Madrid, 2014.

– Embarcarte, Centro del Carmen, Valence, 2012.

– L´Art en prêt-a-porter, Paris, 2010.

– Carré d´artistes, Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Paris, Lille, Cologne, 2005- 2011.

– Salón pequeño formato, Paz Tejón Gallery, Valence, 2008.

– Paz Tejón Gallery, Valencia, 2007.

– V Prize of Contemporary painting Wellington Foundation, Sala Alcolea, Madrid, 2005.

– Entrelaza2, Nave del Arte Gallery, Madrid, 2005.

– V Prize of Plastic Arts, Sala El Brocence, Cáceres, 2002, 2003, 2004.

– American Prints, Madrid, Barcelona, 2002, 2003, 2004.

– Miami Art Gallery, Miami, 2003.

– Cultural Center “Antiguo Instituto”, Gijón, 2003.

V Prize of Plastic Arts, Sala el Brocense, Cáceres, 2002.

– I National Prize of Painting Gloria Merino, Cultural Center Sta. Teresa, Malagón (C. Real), 2002.

– IV Young Prize Edition 2001, Sala Julio González, Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid, 2001.

– III Young prize Edition 2000, National Museum of Anthropology, Madrid, 2000.

awards and collections

Award of the Profesional Football Foundation, Painting Award of  UNED, Art and Society Award, Madrid City Council Award, Casino of Torrelodones Award, Castillo de la Coracera Award…

Her work is in many public collections (Madrid City Council, Martos City Council, Horche City Council, Alicante City Council, Valedemoro City Council, Iberdrola Collection, Bankia Collection…) and in private collections all over the world:

– First Prize II Horche Fast Painting Contest, Guadalajara, 1992.

– Second Prize in the Café-Gallery “El Ratón” Painting Contest, 1993, 1994.

– Honorable Mention Contest of New Painters of the Exmo. Madrid City Council, 1994.

– Honorable Mention V Contest of Plastic Arts, Torrejón de Ardoz University, 1995.

– Second Prize II Painting Contest of the Professional Football Foundation, 1995.

– Finalist in the Madrid City Council Young Creators Contest, 1996, 1997, 1999.

– Finalist III “José Cubero Yiyo” Painting Contest, Colmenar Viejo, 1996.

– Acquisition Award VII UNED Painting Contest, 1997.

– Acquisition Award VI Iberdrola-UEX Painting Contest, 1997.

– Acquisition Award I Castillo de la Coracera Award, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, 1997.

– Acquisition Award XVI “Eugenio Hermoso” International Painting Award, 1998.

– ’98 Plastic Arts Acquisition Award from the Hon. Provincial Council of Alicante, 1998.

– Honorable Mention of the Army’98 Painting Award, 1998.

– Honorable Mention VIII Torrejón de Ardoz Plastic Arts Contest, 1998.

– XXVI City of Martos Painting Contest Acquisition Award, Jaén, 1998.

– II Madrid City Council Young Creators Contest Award, 1998.

– Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Rome, 1999.

– First Prize “Woman and Society Awards 2000”, C.C. Count Duke, Madrid 2000.

– Acquisition Award I Torrelodones Painting Contest, Gran Casino de Madrid, 2000.

– Honorable Mention Army Painting Award, Palacio de Buenavista, Madrid, 2000.

– Second Prize I and II National Painting Contest “El Pincel Verde”, Sala A. Machado, Leganés, 2000, 2001.

– Acquisition Award IV “Villa de Valdemoro” Painting Contest, 2001.

– Acquisition Award L Gibraleón National Painting Contest, Huelva, 2001

– Honorable Mention XVII Guadarrama Painting Contest, “La Torre” Cultural Center, 2002.

– Honorable Mention VIII Unipublic Sports Painting Contest, 2003.

– Finalist V Wellington Foundation Contemporary Painting Contest, 2005.