María Burgaz | Artist’s Statement
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artist’s statement

Being an artist is a vital need, that luckily can turn into a job. You cannot escape to the creative necessity, you have to look at it to the eye and give everything, knowing and assuming that the results are not uniform or predictable.

Creativity gives freedom, offers the opportunity to live another reality, almost another life. And that energy is so strong that is always above any adversity, because it´s food for your soul.

This is my motivation and the energy that I need to go everyday to my studio to spend the best moments. Also the worse.

In the creative activity not two days are the same, not two artworks are equal either, and that is adrenaline for me.

The way of expression that I use more is painting, in its widest meaning. In this moment all techniques can live together because their differences enrich each other, and I get results full of plastic details that look for a sensorial emotion. Painting is above all just that: painting on a surface that should provoke different emotions on people. But besides this first technical need in my work there are messages, stories, music… there is life, my life.

Artworks have a reading, they invite to have a moment of reflexion to feel like somebody else, or why not to fell identified with what is represented. Being capable of getting a smile from someone who looks at an artwork is also a success; sense of humour and laughter will always be part of my routine.

In my case creating is an individual and lonely act, that fills my life, but that also aspires to reach somebody else, to give that little moment of emotion to others.

In these moments I´m adding to my work old photographs, some are family ones, others just found in magazines…they make present and past go together in a kind and exciting transition and coexistence. The contrast of the black and white of the old pictures, with the dominance of color that has always been with me and that I cannot avoid, are part of this search for the encounter of different periods. Without doubt these incorporations are due to my vital moment, now passed the equator, that makes me look back, understanding better many things, and pushing to live each day with enthusiasm and optimism.