María Burgaz | Dinners with art
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another way to buy art

If you are a gallery owner or owner of a specialized art store and you want to offer your customers another way of buying, if you are a “consumer” of works of art, either because you buy for yourself or because when you give gifts you like to surprise with a special gift, no doubt, you will like dinners with art…

It can be difficult to choose the work that we like the most. That is why from my studio I offer you the possibility of enjoying a delicious dinner, in the company of your friends, surrounded by art.

Can you imagine a better way to know, compare, and enjoy paintings?

You can let yourself be advised by your friends and let yourself be carried away by me, María Burgaz, who will guide you, happy to answer your questions and curiosities.

Now in my studio you have the opportunity to contemplate, value and decide which work you prefer while you enjoy an evening in the company of friends.

the catering

and for the evening to be perfect, dinner is served by the hand of

Vero has the gift of turning gatherings of people into special gatherings of special people and, as she has done for as long as she can remember, she manages to make the flavors and colors stay in your mind, beyond the moment.

Specialized in personalizing and combining the enjoyment of food with beauty, Vero is perfect for artful dinners.

Thanks to this combination of talents, you will be able to enjoy an intimate meeting, tailored to your needs.

reserve your dinner with art

Dinners with art are totally personalized. You only need to gather a minimum of 8 friends and contact me to reserve it and specify all the details.

We will wait for you!

write me and reserve your art dinner

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