María Burgaz | Expect a Lot, Get a Lot
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Expect a Lot, Get a Lot


Acrylic, Collage on Synthetic Board

in stock


This work is made up of three parts, it is a triptych that can be hung, or supported at a greater or lesser distance and that can be framed together or separately.
As usual with this artist, the wealth of details and messages make it an exciting read. From the parsimony and the delight of contemplating some flowers to the speed of skating in front of the routes of explorers like Núñez de Balboa. By having high perspectives it is more possible to achieve or get closer to dreams, all with textures and sensations that overlap, juxtapose and coexist.
These works could be purchased with the frames that appear in the photos, purchased at the Rastro in Madrid, although one of them, as can be seen, is somewhat deteriorated.

Additional information
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 112 cm